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Chase Bowers, the creator of Shopified App, gives an indepth overview of many of Shopified App's time saving features. See how Shopified App can automate your drop shipping business and allow you to scale bigger than ever before!

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Load Products To Your Store With "1-Click"
Load Products To Your Store With "1-Click"

Ask any Shopify store owner who is doing dropshipping and they will tell you the most time consuming part of the process is loading products into their store. Now you can add products to your store with a click of a button.

Powerful Product Research Features
Powerful Product Research Features

With Shopified App, you can leave behind the days of long spreadsheets full of product ideas. Shopified App makes product research lightning fast, allowing you to browse products on AliExpress and other sites and instantly save them to a "Pinterest-like" board for later so you can stay organized and focused on finding great products.

ePacket Identification
ePacket Identification

One of the most loved features of the Shopified App is the ability to browse and automatically highlight products that have the ePacket shipping method.

Save up to 20+ Hours Per Week
Save up to 20+ Hours Per Week

This product was made to work with your Shopify store(s). Easily connect one or more stores and simply choose the store the product should be sent to.

Fulfill Orders With "1-Click"
Fulfill Orders With "1-Click"

Shopified App isn't just an extension. It's a full featured platform to manage your products that allows you to store your products for a later use.

Powerful Chrome Extension
Powerful Chrome Extension

Shopified App is a platform that makes drop shipping easier for Shopify stores. It is the combination of a Google Chrome extension and a web application.

Powerful Product Research

  • ePacked ID allows you to easily find products that will ship to your customers in 7-15 days.
  • Find quality vendors faster with the Vendor Rating overlay upfront and easy to see.
  • Put your product reserach into overdrive by collecting and saving products to boards. No more messy spreadsheets!

Import Products With "1-Click"!

  • Easily add products to your Shopify store with 1-Click.
  • The Shopified App Chrome Extension sends products directly to your Shopify store.
  • Edit title, price, tags, category, images and more. You have complete control over your product details.
  • Built-in editor for your product description.
  • Automatically imports product images
  • Automatically sets up product variants.
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Fulfill Orders With "1-Click"

  • Don't spend hours trying to fulfill orders manually!
  • Shopified App removes the need to go back forth trying to copy and paste customer info.
  • Now you can fulfill an order with just 1 simple click.

We don't stop there. Click the button to learn how Shopified App automates Order Fulfillment.

Scale Your Business With Shopified App!

  • Connect & manage multiple Shopify stores to scale your business on one platform.
  • Grow your business by giving virtual assistants their own login.
  • Import products from other sites:
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • SammyDress
    • Overstock
    • Walmart
    • Blinq
    • & many more!
  • Price change & availability alerts for AliExpress products.

Users Can't Live Without Shopified App!

Ken Anczerewicz

Shopified App simplifies all the grunt work of managing my Shopify store. One of the many features that I especially like is the ease with which I can use Shopified App to automate finding and adding products to my store while noting vendor ratings and shipping methods offered during my searches. All of these products can be further organized into boards within Shopified App for convenient reference. That’s just one of many useful features offered by Shopified App.

Ken Anczerewicz