Add Products to Shopify with 1-Click

Shopified App is a user-friendly Chrome extension that’s quick and simple to use.

With Shopified App, you can easily pull products from Ailexpress or Alibaba and place them in your store with a click of a button.


Find ePacket Products with No Effort

This is powerful because when you are scrolling through AliExpress or Alibaba you will see the ePacket Identifier as you scroll over each product.

Saves you time as you are looking for products to fill on your store.


Product Boards

Supercharge your product research.

Product boards are like boards in Pinterest where you can organize your research for different niches.

You can easily add hundreds of products to Shopified App and organize them all into boards of your chosen niches.

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Auto Price Multiplier

Want to have a consistent profit margin? You can choose a 500% markup and Shopified App will automatically populate the price for you.

You can even choose to end all of your prices in .97 or .93.


Image Extractor

No more downloading dozens of images. The Image Extractor feature will now do it for you. We’ll scan the page and extract every product image and variant image, including all the images in the product description.

Now you can click and chose which images you’d like to use.


Easy Variant Setup

Variants can now be setup with one click.

Imagine setting up a product with 10 different colors or styles. Each of those styles has a different product image. This means you have to create the variant manually in Shopify and then upload the image for each variant.

Not anymore! The Easy Variant Setup add-on handles it all in just one click.

See below how we take it even further.


US Products Database

Get products to your customers faster! has a filter that will show only products that ship from the US. The problem is that you can’t see them all at once.

We’ve found a way to access a list of over 10,000 products that ship from the US.

Now you can get products to your customers in just a few days, instead of a few weeks.


Easy To Follow Training

We’ll show you step-by-step how to automate your drop shipping business.

After you purchase Shopified App, you’ll be invited to our Shopified App training series where we will show you how to setup Shopified App for your store.

We’ll cover all the features that Shopified App offers and how to use them to automate your business, saving you time, money and headaches. 


1-Click Ordering

Don’t spend hours trying to fulfill orders manually.

Shopified App removes the need to go back and forth trying to copy and paste customer info.

Now you can fulfill an order with just 1 simple click.

There's still more.


Auto Order Tracking

Shopified App automatically grabs your tracking number.  Just place your order once and let Shopified App check for updates to your order.

While browsing AliExpress, Shopified App works in the background to scan your orders and check for tracking and status updates.

When an order update is found, Shopified App will post the update to the web application so that you can update your customer that the order has shipped.

Shopified App constantly works in the background to check your orders for tracking updates.


3 Ordering Modes

Shopified App gives you control of how you fulfill orders.

Step-By-Step Fulfillment: Review each step before proceeding to the next step.

1-Click Fulfillment: Click once and let Shopified App do the tedious work for you.

1-Click with Shipping Selection: The same as 1-Click Fulfillment but you can choose the shipping method before you start.


Easy Customer Updates

Now you can fulfill orders from within Shopified App.

Shopified App streamlines your process and makes it easier and faster to take care of your customers.

After you place an order on AliExpress, Shopified App lets you send an email to your customer to let them know the order has been shipped.

Reduce customer frustrations by keeping your customers updated on their order status.

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In-App Image Editor

With Shopified App, you can edit product images inside the web application.

With the image editor, you can perform simple image crops as well as more advanced edits like removing watermarks or adding your own logo.

You now have an image editing toolset built inside of Shopified App to further enhance your work flow.


Manage All Your Stores In One Place

Grow your empire into 100s of niches.

With Shopified App, you can manage an unlimited number of stores from one platform.

Imagine being able to create dozens of stores and manage all of your products, orders and customers from one place.

Before, this would be almost impossible to do but now with Shopified App, it’s easy.


More Product Catalogs

Import products from Amazon, Ebay and more.

Want to import products from more places other than AliExpress and Alibaba? Shopified App currently has over 30 product catalogs that you can use for 1-Click Product Importing. See the pricing page for details.

Shopified App is the first and only app to have 1-Click importing from this many sources.

It doesn’t stop here… we’re always looking for new sources of products to add to our 1-Click importer.

Ready to give it a try?


Product Availability

Never sell products you can’t fulfill again.

With product availability alerts, Shopified App will notify when a product you are selling is no longer available from your vendor in AliExpress.

Now, you can decide to find a new vendor, easily switch to the new vendor with a few clicks and continue to sell the product or mark your product as “Out of Stock” until more product arrives with your current vendor.


Price Change Alerts

Don’t let AliExpress vendors take away your profits.

No longer do you have to be left in the dark when an AliExpress vendor changes a product or variant price.

With Price Change Alerts, you’ll be automatically notified so you can make the proper adjustments.


Unlimited Sub Users

Train and outsource VAs to manage your store.

Shopified App is built to scale. Add an unlimited number of users to manage your growing empire.

You’ll have complete control over which stores they manage and what features they have access to, giving you the peace of mind you need.